About our Candidate

Réjeanne Caron recently won the nomination and has become the Saint Boniface - Saint Vital candidate for the Conservative Party of Canada. Caron looks forward to representing her community in the upcoming Federal Election in 2019. 

Réjeanne is a proud English and French speaking Métis woman, and mother. Réjeanne was raised by parents who owned a small business. Today, the family business continues to be located in the heart of the French Quarter. 

Réjeanne has a strong connection to the Saint Boniface – Saint Vital riding. It is where she grew up as a child, attended school and church, graduated high school, and continued to live for the majority of her adult life. “I have many fond memories of my community growing up. It is where my family roots are. I am proud of its history, its vibrant culture and French language,” said Réjeanne. 

Réjeanne is an active police officer and has been for the past 23-years with the Winnipeg Police Service. She is committed to serving and protecting her community. Réjeanne has observed on a daily basis the needs of victims and the gaps within the justice system. 

She has enjoyed a well-rounded career in law enforcement, and worked in uniform patrol and a variety of specialty units including: Divisional Detectives, Major Sex Crimes Unit, Intelligence Unit, Criminal Intelligence Services Manitoba, and most recently the business side of policing. 

This invaluable experience has given Réjeanne a unique perspective, knowledge and an in-depth understanding of the need to advocate and fight for not only her constituents but also for all Canadians to enhance public safety. 

“People ask me why I am running for public office. I tell them, as a mother of a young daughter, I want her to have a bright future, one that is prosperous, safe, and full of opportunity and equality. I want this future all Canadians. This is what drives me personally and professionally,” Réjeanne said. 

Réjeanne is currently serving as the Downtown Safety Coordinator for the Winnipeg Police Service. Réjeanne’s experience was instrumental in assisting the Winnipeg Police Service Executive in the development, writing, and implementation of a comprehensive downtown safety strategy. 

Today, Réjeanne continues to work diligently with the business community, government, non-profit organizations, and community groups to further this strategy with the end goal of enhancing safety for all who live, work, and play downtown. 

As an active community member, Réjeanne currently sits on many boards such as the Winnipeg Safe City Steering Committee in support of the United Nations (UN) safe cities global initiative to reduce sexual violence against women and girls, the Winnipeg Fire and Paramedic Service and Winnipeg Police Service Joint Operations Committee, the Downtown Winnipeg Biz Downtown Safety Committee, Panhandling Committee, and recently was asked to sit on the Gender Based Homelessness Steering Committee to end homelessness for women. 

Réjeanne believes in the Conservative Party values and its leader, Andrew Scheer, who has a strong and positive vision for Canada – a vision needed for Saint Boniface – Saint Vital. “The fact is the Liberal government in Ottawa has been failing Canadians, and their policies are hurting the very people they claim they’re helping. I look forward to hearing more on these and other concerns from the hard-working residents of Saint Boniface - Saint Vital and be a voice for them to help put Canada back on track,” said Réjeanne.